Some of the cases involve children sent to the US

There are concerns about a further 748 adoption cases from St Patrick's Guild, some of which involve children sent to the USA.

According to the Irish Examiner, the revelation is contained in a note of a meeting between Tusla Representatives, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and the Adoption Authority of Ireland in March.

It follows last month's scandal where 126 cases of illegal adoption came to light, however, Tusla has also raised concerns about a further 748 cases - with evidence of name changing, cash payments and other irregularities.

There are now calls for immediate action from the government which includes a full time investigation unit and free DNA tests.

Yesterday, Children’s Minister said the Adoption Bill, which aims to give adopted people the right to their identify information, is being delayed over privacy concerns.

Paul Redmond from the Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors says the government are putting people's lives at risk because people who don't know they're adopted are giving their doctors a false medical history: 'The example I use is, a few years back Angelina Jolie had both of her breasts removed proactively because of a family history of breast cancer, but can you imagine if someone turned around the next day and told her she was illegally adopted and that wasn't her family history at all'.