Brenda O’Connell-Barry's son suffers from NACC1

A Cork mother, whose son has a rare genetic condition, has been announced as the Carer of the Year.

Brenda O’Connell-Barry's 4 year old son Fionn suffers from NACC1.

It’s a condition which means he requires 24 hour care from his Mother.

He also suffers from cerebral agitation and can scream for days with pain.

Brenda says winning the award means the world to her family.

The Charleville woman said "It's huge - we do so much for him you get no thanks or recognition from anyone."

"We feel so isolated, so alone in caring for Fionn. We feel there's nowhere to turn."

"There's no support - any bit of support that we have gotten we have fought tooth and nail for."