There's been no rain for the past 15 days

Most parts of the country will enter a state of 'absolute drought' today meaning no rain has fallen in the past 15 days.

As a result, Irish water has extended the hosepipe ban country wide from tomorrow morning.

The measure's already in place in the greater Dublin Area - but Irish Water has decided to extend it to the whole country until the end of the month as supplies remain under pressure from the heatwave.

Using water for non-essential activities is banned under the order and anyone who breaks it could face prosecution or a fine.

Irish Water's Eamon Gallen says they'll send people round to households that consistently ignore the ban: 'There's a few reports so far of people breaching the ban. In cases where there's consistent and excessive usage we will send people out to investigate. It's not our intention to be imposing fines in any great number.'