According to Coolmine

Crack cocaine has overtaken heroin as the most commonly abused drug in Ireland.

Drug support organisation, Coolmine, says 33% of all admissions to its Community and Day services cited crack cocaine as their main drug of choice - while 31 percent said heroin.

Coolmine Lodge, male residential treatment centre has also seen an increase in the prevalence of Crack Cocaine as the main drug of choice amongst all new admissions – up 12% on same period 2017.

Crack cocaine is a free base form of cocaine that can be smoked or injected, it offers a short but intense high.

David March from Coolmine says one of the main reasons is because it's cheaper: 'A lot of the old clients that I've been working with over the last 20 years who would be kind of methadone or alcohol, are now switching to crack because it's much much cheaper. A lot of the homeless are using it because it's cheap but unfortunately you need lots of it'.