The woman alleges she was raped by Rugby Internationals Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding

Paddy Jackson’s barrister will continue his cross-examination this morning of a woman who claims she was raped by the Ireland and Ulster rugby player.

He, along with his teammate Stuart Olding, denies raping the woman at his home in Belfast in June 2016.


At the beginning of her cross-examination yesterday, Paddy Jackson’s barrister Brendan Kelly read out some text messages the woman exchanged with her friends on the morning after she’s alleged to have been raped.

She outlined her reasons for not wanting to go to the police.

The court heard she feared she wouldn’t be believed, that they’d make up a story and it would be her word against theirs, and that Ulster Rugby would vouch for the men and she’d just look like a stupid little girl.

She was also asked why she failed to mention that a woman had walked in during the alleged attack.

Mr. Kelly said there was no reference to this in the texts or her first statement to police.

The trial heard earlier this week that it’s anticipated this woman will tell the jury she didn't think she had witnessed a rape when she walked in.

She told Mr. Kelly she didn’t know the woman’s name and thought it was “secondary” to the actual rape, and insisted she didn't leave it out on purpose