His office made a mistake about the nationality of the murdered 28 year old

The mother of a Donegal woman murdered in India last year is calling for more supports to be put in place for the families of people who die abroad.

28 year-old Danielle McLaughlin from Buncrana was found dead in Goa in March 2017, while travelling on a British passport.

Her mother, Andrea Brannigan, wants an apology from the Taoiseach when she meets with him tomorrow - after officials mistakenly said her daughter - who was a dual citizen - wasn't Irish.

Andrea says she's feel like they've been left on their own and she wants them to acknowledge her daughter's citizenship.

"She's been here since she was two weeks old...she's voted in every election here. I'm hurt that they're taking her heritage away.

"every door we go to the door gets closed, we go to the UK MPs they say she's Irish, go to the Irish TDs and they say she's English. Where do I go?"