Rory Harrison cross-examined about what he told police

The defence has finished calling evidence in the trial of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding who are accused of raping the same woman in Belfast in 2016.

Two friends of the Ireland and Ulster rugby players are also on trial for various offences arising from the same alleged incident.

At a special sitting on Saturday, Rory Harrison denied misleading police or lying about what is alleged to have happened at a party at Paddy Jackson’s south Belfast home in June 2016.

The 25 year old, from Manse Road in Belfast, is accused of perverting the course of justice and withholding information.

Under cross-examination today, prosecuting barrister Toby Hedworth suggested his initial witness statement was a “verbal fencing match”.

He was asked why he failed to mention the contact he had with the complainant after dropping her home in a taxi.

He said he would have, if the police had asked.

In one of those texts, the court heard she said what happened was “not consensual”.

He insisted that was not discussed when he met his friends for lunch a short time later and when asked why not, he said he didn't believe her and didn't want to worry Paddy with it.

He denied misleading police about her level of distress and said there was no “party line to adhere to”.

The defence has now closed its case and closing speeches are due to get underway on Wednesday.