Some councillors found issue with the use of the name

A Christmas billboard has been removed in Derry, after complaints it was not using the name 'Londonderry'.

The poster was put up with the slogan "Have yourself a Derry little Christmas."

But some unionist councillors said it should've also used the term 'Londonderry'.

A spokesperson for the local council said they received no complaints from the public - and were hoping to engage people with a "catchy slogan".

They said: "This year's campaign intended to engage visitors with a catchy slogan using wordplay in the tagline 'Have yourself a very Derry Christmas'.

"However, it has since been highlighted by some council members that this may not be considered inclusive by all members of the community and as such has been amended in some campaign branding."

The spokesperson added that the billboard was due to change anyway as the campaign was rolled out, so there was no additional cost.