Josh Horner was sentenced to 50 years

A US man, found guilty at trial of sex abuse, has been exonerated after investigators found a back Labrador dog.

Josh Horner was sentenced to 50 years for the alleged sexual abuse of his daughter, who claimed he had shot her dog as a threat to keep her quiet.

But Mr Horner insisted the dog, named Lucy, was alive.

The Oregon Innocence Project located the dog with her new owner.

The Oregon Innocence Project explains: "As with many such cases, there was no DNA, no other forensics, and no eyewitnesses.

"However, our initial screening of Josh's case raised several red flags that caused us to begin what turned into a nine-month investigation."

The District Attorney's Motion to Dismiss states: "Lucy the dog was not shot. Lucy the dog is alive and well.

"My investigator and the investigator from the Oregon Innocence Project tracked down Lucy the dog, verified her identity, spent much time with her, and took pictures of her."