The proposal was put forward by Labour Councillor Rebecca Moynihan

Dublin City Council has passed a motion to provide free sanitary products in all of its buildings.

This will see them available in places such as community centres, swimming pools and libraries.

The plan was put forward by Labour Councillor Rebecca Moynihan.

She said: "Period poverty is a very real problem issue for women in low income households.

"In passing this motion today, Dublin City Council has accepted that we have a responsibility to break down the stigma around periods and tackling period poverty."

A survey by Plan International Ireland suggested that more than 50% of Irish girls aged 12-19 have experienced issues around the affordability of sanitary products.

Councillor Moynihan added: "Low income families shouldn't have the additional burden of struggling to afford sanitary products.

"Homeless women should not have to be suffering on the streets, or young girls should not be missing school once a month because they just can't afford sanitary protection.

"Women who are in these situations, often find themselves barely being able to afford essentials like sanitary products, which can often be priced as if they are luxury goods."

She said her next step will be to see how it is implemented, and put a motion to the council's Budget Meeting if necessary.