The lights will use 80% less power than their traditional predecessors

Twelve sites around Dublin city are to be lit up for Christmas.

Dublin City Council says the Winter Lights project will be eco-friendly, as the lights that consume 80% less power than their traditional predecessors.

Some 157,800 low power LEDs and 15,780 metres of cable will be used.

"The most innovative and advanced energy efficient projection technology (will be used), sourced in Italy.", the council says.

Image: Dublin City Council

Plans for one of the city bridges call for 15 million colour combinations - with the whole installation using less electric power than a domestic iron or 10 household light bulbs.

"Dublin will take its place amongst the iconic Cities of Light around the world this Christmas with a spectacle so bright, it can be seen from the windows of planes landing at Dublin Airport", the council says.

More details - including locations - will be revealed soon.