Lesley Anne O'Brien's son has cerebal palsy

A Dublin mother is walking to government buildings this morning pushing for change in how the health system cares for children with special needs.

Lesley Anne O'Brien says her son, who has cerebral palsy, waited two years on a brain scan to be diagnosed with the disorder.

The latest figures from the National Treatment Purchase Fund show that 48,000 children were on waiting lists at the end of August.

Lesley Anne is hoping to express her frustrations with The Taoiseach in person:

"It's just waiting list after waiting list and surgeries being cancelled from major surgeries to minor surgeries, it is just an absolute national crisis"

I wrote out a letter to Leo Varadkar, I'm going to hand deliver it to his constituency office, then I'm going to march from his constituency office in Ongar Dublin 15 into the Dáil to hand deliver that to the Dáil as well"