Charity also launches new report into targeted interventions for homeless people with mental health problems

Funding has been announced for a new out of hours counselling service for homeless people.

The funds from The National Office For Suicide Prevention will allow Dublin Simon to expand its ‘Sure Steps’ service which currently operates from Monday to Friday.

Research shows that people who are homeless are at a greater risk of self harm and suicide ideation.

A new report from Dublin Simon called 'Opening The Door To Hope' has identified ways to support people who expressed suicidal ideation and found that targeted measures reduced the frequency of suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Manager of Dublin Simon Community Sure Steps Counselling service Derek Dempsey says homeless people need more than just a roof over their head: 'Homelessness is not all about bricks and mortar. if somebody is going into accommodation and they have inherited mental ill health which hasn't been treated, that could create a revolving door where people fall back into homelessness.

Sure Steps was launched in 2012 to fill an identified gap in services for low threshold counselling supports to homeless people.