It'll look at areas such as new technology and upskilling workers

The Government is hosting a 'Future Jobs' summit today, as it develops a new plan to protect the economy.

The Taoiseach will attend today's event at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, which will examine ways at 'future proofing' the labour market - looking at areas such as new technology and upskilling workers.

It'll also examine the impact measures to combat climate change have on jobs.

The Taoiseach and other ministers are set to attend the summit.

Separately, the trade union Fórsa is hosting a conference later focusing on the future of working time.

It says a four-day working week is achievable thanks to new technology.

Spokesperson Joe O'Connor suggests the idea of a five-day week was once rubbished by some.

He said: "Those same people... would have said 100 years ago that the weekend was an unachievable ambition, that the eight-hour working day was an unachievable ambition."