Italy had promised to veto a joint statement at the EU Council summit if a solution wasn't found

EU leaders have reached a deal over the migration crisis after marathon talks in Brussels, agreeing to share responsibility for refugees. 

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was among the heads of government who spent all night locked in meetings.

Italy had been leading calls for action on migration - with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte yesterday warning they would veto any conclusions from the summit unless a deal was reached.

European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted in the early hours of the morning to confirm an agreement had finally been reached.

The deal includes proposals for setting up processing centres for migrants who arrive in Europe.

The centres - which would be set up by member states on a voluntary basis - would distinguish between migrants who need international protection and those who will be returned to their home countries.

It also calls on member states to "counter movements" of migrants across internal EU borders.

Helen McEntee, Minister for European Affairs, is in Brussels.

Discussing the deal, she explained: "It was agreed to increase our spending. We've agreed to support member states that are most impacted."

Today, talks at the summit will turn to Brexit, with the Taoiseach among the leaders expressing frustration and disappointment over the limited progress made so far.