It's reported that the song 'Small Bump' has been used by anti-abortion campaigners in Dublin

Ed Sheeran says he didn't give his approval to anti-abortion campaigners to use one of his songs.

Small Bump, released in 2011, is from the singer's debut album.

It has reportedly been used by anti-abortion campaigners in Dublin, ahead of next week's Eighth Amendment referendum.

It was not clear what group used the song.

However, Ed posted on Instagram to say he'd been informed that the song was being used by pro-life campaigners - but that 'doesn't reflect what the song is about'.

Image: Instagram

Ed plays his last sold-out gig at Phoenix Park tonight, after tens of thousands flocked to see him perform on Wednesday and Friday.

The referendum on the Eighth Amendment, meanwhile, is now less than one week away, with polling to take place on Friday.