A new report has been carried out by the Children's Rights Alliance

Education is a ‘beacon of hope’ for children experiencing homelessness according to a new report from the Children’s Rights Alliance.

However it found that the children featured in the study experienced frequent school absences because of poor diet, inadequate rest and living conditions.

The study also found that homeless children in Ireland are at risk of leaving school early.

It says that homelessness effects children's mental health and emotional well-being, which can result in poor school attendance.

The report recommends more support for schools to provide for children in emergency accommodation.

Head of the Children’s Rights Alliance Tanya Ward says the parents they spoke to want their children to have a better future than them: 'A lot of of families were making the connection with I didn't get to finish school and look where I am. This report tells us that if we try to resolve the educational issues, we can try and give them some sort of future by trying to overcome what they've experienced by being homeless in Ireland'.