George Papadopoulos was also fined over €8,000

A former member of US President Donald Trump's campaign team has been jailed for 14 days, after admitting lying to the FBI.

George Papadopoulos was the first to plead guilty in the inquiry into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

He was also the first to detail a member of the Trump campaign having knowledge of Russian efforts to meddle while it was going on.

He was given a US$9,500 (€8,212) fine and community service, and will spend a year on parole.

Prosecutors said the ex-aide lied to agents to "minimise both his own role as a witness and the extent of the campaign's knowledge of his contacts".

Meanwhile Barack Obama has given his most critical speech of Mr Trump since leaving the White House.

He said the US president's using "the politics of fear and resentment", and urged voters to restore "a healthy democracy" in November's mid-term elections.

But Mr Trump wasn't bothered by the criticism.

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