Expect frosty icy mornings over the Bank Holiday weekend

It's the first really cold spell of the season and it is going to be very chilly over the next few days.

This Bank Holiday weekend will see overnight temperatures drop to -3 in places with average overnight temperatures of -2 to 2 degrees.

Snow and hail is forecast with a light  dusting of snow most likely on higher ground in Connact and Ulster.

Met Eireann forecaster Pat Clarke says the likelihood of it being cold is a lot more realistic than the chance of snow falling where you live:

"This is the first real cold spell particularly in contrast to last weekend where we had temperatures of around 15 to 18 degrees.

This weekend we'll typically have temperatures of 6 to 10 degrees by day and it's going to be very cold at night too and as the weekend goes on a lot more frost and some icy patches on roads."