Organisers are expecting big crowds despite the rain

Dublin's first ever TRANS Pride March takes place today. 

Dozens of organisations will gather at Liberty Hall at 2pm, before marching to Fairview Park where the first Pride protest took place 35 years ago.

Record numbers attended last month's Pride Parade in Dublin.

However the co-organiser of today's march, Thomas White, says there's a need for a separate event to deal with ongoing issues.

" Dublin Trans Pride is a specifically trans-oriented event. We felt that the trans community needs a space, a voice and platform to be able to express the needs that the community has and reflect what the demands of the community are and what the situation is currently affecting the community.

We felt that Dublin Pride itself is an extremely 'corporatised' event that doesn't reflect the needs of the community as a whole overall very well and there is an urgent need to have a space where we can organise against that discrimination."

Menawhile the Taoiseach says he'll keep the politics out of decisions regarding the healthcare of transgender people.

According to The Times, Leo Varadkar has vowed to follow the 'best most up-to-date' medical advice.