Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll says they've arrested people who "were fully armed, wearing balaclavas"

Gardaí claim they've foiled 52 gangland murders since the Regency shooting.

It's been over two years since David Byrne was shot dead at the Regency Hotel, and the years since have seen a dramatic escalation in feud-related killings in Dublin.

Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll says they're making progress in their crackdown on gangland crime.

He said: "What we're talking about here is in the gangland scenario... 52 threats to life.

"In some cases we have actually arrested people as they were fully armed, wearing balaclavas, and in close proximity to where they intended to commit a murder... this is what we will allege in a number of cases where people are before the courts at the moment."

He stressed: "Of course these people stand innocent until we can prove what we allege – but these are the circumstances of the arrests that we have made."