A drone forced the London airport to close all-day Thursday

Flights have now resumed at Gatwick Airport in London.

They were suspended for a time this evening - because of a "suspected drone sighting".

Authorities at the airport say they're reassured by anti-drone measures put in place after yesterday's all-day disruption.

Drones caused Gatwick to close for more than thirty hours until early this morning.

Flights resumed today with some disruption.

Yesterday, cancelled flights stranded tens of thousands of passengers days before Christmas.

Police and airport authorities believe they were being flown in deliberate act to disrupt the airport.

Grounded aircraft next to a terminal at Gatwick Airport in London | Image: Pete Summers/PA Wire/PA Images

Gatwick's chief operating officer Chris Woodroffe says it was a "terrible situation" for the 120,000 people who have had their travel plans disrupted.

"The issue from my perspective is that this is a criminal act, purposefully undertaken in order to cause this disruption, and I very much hope we bring the perpetrator to justice."

Aer Lingus earlier said they intended to operate all Gatwick flights today.

While Ryanair said its flights scheduled to operate to and from London Gatwick on Friday will instead operate to and from London Stansted.