Simon Coveney says it shows why the current withdrawal agreement needs to be accepted

The Government has published its contingency plans for a no deal Brexit - admitting it makes "sobering reading".

It sets out what the Government will do if no Brexit deal is reached before the end of March.

The document runs to some 60 pages and follows other plans released by the EU.

It makes a number of sobering warnings.

It says a no-deal scenario would pose extremely difficult challenges for Ireland and warns action would need to be taken quickly after the cliff edge exit.

Some 45 legislative changes are being drawn up - but less than half can be implemented before the UK leaves the EU.

The rest would have to be dealt with in the immediate aftermath through small, temporary deals - what's being called a managed no-deal scenario in the UK.

That would deal with things like air transport - flights being able to get in and out of Britain.

The document - which is available here - warns of significant delays for importers and exporters who use the UK as a landbridge to get their goods elsewhere.

It says more land will need to be bought at Dublin and Rosslare Ports for customs infrastructure with extra staff being taken on.

The Government has said there won't be food shortages but is examining how to keep up stocks of medicines.

But there's little in the document about how to avoid a hard border with Northern Ireland, or how to deal with fisheries.

All in all, it paints a stark picture of what a no deal Brexit would look like.