It comes amid increasing anti-social behaviour on public transport in Dublin

There is growing support for a dedicated Transport Police unit to be set up in Dublin.

It comes amid efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour on buses, trains and trams.

Irish Rail has already increased private security on board some of its trains in a bid to address the issue.

However, the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) wants a Garda Public Transport Division to be established.

Today they distributed more than 50,000 leaflets across buses and trains as part of their campaign for dedicated police.

General Secretary Dermot O'Leary warned: "Our members have indicated that this latest leg of our campaign will be the last in advance of them having to potentially take their own course of action and look at curtailing or stopping services in certain areas and at certain times."

Fianna Fail's Dublin Spokesperson, Deputy John Lahart, argues that the current set-up isn't good enough for passengers or staff - noting that his party supports the call for a dedicated transport police.

He argued: "One of the problems is, if you take Luas security... they don't have the ability or authority to stop, detain, arrest and search people as transport police would have."