Man stabbed teenager and attacked two others

A man has been jailed for three years for the attempted murder of a young camper at Dublin’s Hell Fire Club in June 2016.

Michael Corbett, of Woodbine Close in Raheny in north Dublin, stabbed the then 17-year-old and also attacked his girlfriend and a male friend.

The court heard he was “in the throes” of a psychotic episode at the time.

The judge handed down a nine year sentence but the suspended the final six years and ordered he be closely monitored post-release.

Outside court afterwards, those attacked said they were bitterly disappointed with today’s sentence.

One said: "It's ridiculous to think that a man that tried to kill three young people can get away so easily.

"Six years suspended is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard - but if there's one thing my father taught me... it's law not justice."