The dog even jumped into the ambulance with the injured man

A stray dog who went to the rescue of an injured cyclist has been hailed a hero.

Police in Romania say the 40-year-old man, named as Marion Ion, came off his bike in the area of Mount Semenic on Monday and couldn't move.

Following an emergency call, a rescue team began a search.

When authorities arrived, they found Ion with hip pain and beginning to suffer from hypothermia.

However they say the man's "saviour" was a dog, who sat next to him and protected him following the crash.

Image: Facebook/Jandarmeria Caras Severin

This also helped keep him warm.

The dog stayed with him until emergency crews arrived - and even jumped into the ambulance.

Reports say despite being taken out by officers, he ran after the vehicle as it was driven away.

The dog, now been named Max, has been adopted by the vice-president of the local county council.