Hunndreds of thousands of homes are affected

A homeless centre in Dublin which feeds around 250 people for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day is completely without water.

The Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin city ran dry this morning due to the restrictions after Storm Emma.

20 thousand 500 people are without water today, while 47 thousand have restricted supplies after Storm Emma.

Irish Water says the restrictions are likely to continue for a couple of days, due to the increased demand last week.

Hospitals are being prioritised and will have water diverted to them, but other facilities have run dry.

Brother Sean Donoghue who is co-director at the Capuchin Day Centre says they managed to make today's meals before they completely ran out.

They made porridge, eggs and toast for breakfast and corned beef, cabbage and potatoes for dinner.

The centre is waiting for help from Dublin City Council, but for now, there are no teas and coffees and the toilets and showers are out of action.