Conor Skehan says that he simply stated that "if it is happening, it should be investigated"

The Chair of the Housing Agency has defended his comments about homeless people trying to game the system.

Conor Skehan came under fire in early January after he warned that some people may be declaring themselves homeless in order to jump the housing waiting lists.

Mr Skehan has said a number of experts believe it may be happening and that it needs to be examined.

He defended his comments to the Oireachtas Housing Committee earlier:

“People may be doing this,” he said. “If it is happening, it should be investigated.”

“They are the actual words and I know you are a busy committee, I am not going to be tedious enough to re-read the article out to you but I think it is extremely important that we understand that that is the context.”

He warned the Committee that the does not “deal in views” adding “these are facts; I am here to report facts.”