The Scally report is expected to reveal that a commission of investigation is not needed

The Taoiseach says he’s disgusted that some details of a report into the cervical check controversy have been leaked.

It’s reported Dr Gabriel Scally doesn’t believe a full commission of inquiry into the scandal is needed.

A meeting with some of those affected has now been brought forward to this evening as a result of the leaks.

Vicky Phelan has taken to Twitter to call it a ‘whitewash’.

Leo Varadkar says he's appalled some reporters saw the details before those affected.

The report is due to be discussed by cabinet tomorrow.

Stephen Teap, whose wife died from cervical cancer after it was missed by two smear tests, says he's "heartbroken" the report has been leaked. 


Dr Gabriel Scally has been reviewing the cases of 209 women who were diagnosed with cervical cancer, but weren't told about an audit showing false negative smear tests.

Dr Scally briefed the Health Minister on his findings yesterday - and according to the Irish Times, he doesn't think a commission of investigation is needed, despite Simon Harris promising there would be one set up this month.

Dr Scally reportedly believes there are other ways to deal with the issues raised.

He's also expected to conclude that the labs which carry out testing as part of the screening programme can still be used - when the full report is published tomorrow.

Stephen Teap, whose wife Irene died last year from cervical cancer is due to be briefed along with Vicky Phelan and Lorraine Walsh, who also had delayed diagnoses.

He says he's "heartbroken" the report has been leaked before the families find out - saying it's very upsetting news to wake up to.