Simon Harris says it's important that none of the women encounter any financial obstacles

Women and families affected by the Cervical Check sandal to receive an 'immediate' €2,000 payment.

It was one of the recommendations of a progress report by Dr Gabriel Scally, who's leading the investigation into what happened at Cervical Check.

Other recommendations include giving better information outlining that smear tests are not 100% accurate; making sure women have full access to the records of their checks; and in the event of a problem that open disclosure would take place quickly and accurately.

Explaining the payment to 209 affected women or their families, Health Minister Simon Harris said: "[The recommendations include] the provision of an immediate assistance payment of €2,000 to each woman involved and to the next of kin of the deceased - recognising that it is important that no women encounters any financial obstacles to participating and making here voice heard in relation to both the Scoping Inquiry and any resulting Commission of Inquiry."

He added: "I’m very pleased that Dr Scally’s work is progressing and he has already come to me with a list of recommendations which will improve the information provided to women who take part in our screening service and help support those who wish to participate in the Scally process."