10 shots were fired, and 5 hit the Garda

A jury has returned a verdict of ‘unlawful killing’ in the death of Garda Tony Golden.

The dad of three was shot dead by Craven Mackin in October 2015 at a house in Omeath Co Louth.

The inquest heard ten shots were fired and five of them hit the late garda.

One of them hit him in the back and would have killed him quickly.

On the 11th of October 2015, Garda Tony Golden went to Cravien Mackin’s home in Omeath with Mackin’s girlfriend Siobhan Phillips.

They were there to collect her belongings after she had been badly beaten up by Mackin two days before hand.

Mackin pulled a gun on Tony Golden – shooting him five times – Siobhan Phillips was also badly injured in the shooting and lost her right eye.

Craven Macken then killed himself.

The sister of Crevan Mackin told the inquest he had fallen in with republicans after being released from a psychiatric hospital.

She also said he had been a difficult child and in his adult life was really depressed.

He met Siobhan when she was around 16 and became pregnant a few months afterwards.

Ms Hynes said around the time of the shootings a lot of stuff – including rumours of paedophilia - had taking its toll on Crevan Mackin.

While nine months before the shootings, she said Mackin had told her he had been imported gun parts on the Dark web.

The Coroner expressed his sympathy with Garda Golden’s family and said no words can express how difficult it must be for them.


Garda Tony Golden