It's part of European Mobility Week

Ireland's first driverless bus has embarked on its maiden voyage at Dublin's Docklands.

The electric vehicle will run from the Convention Centre to the Three Arena today and tomorrow as part of European Mobility Week and people can hop on with a free ticket.

The EZ10 bus has room for 15 people and can go up to 25 kilometres an hour. It has 'state of the art' smart technologies with advanced cameras and sensors and can run on any normal road.

Similar vehicles already operate in countries such as the US, Holland and China.

Jamie Cudden, Manager of Dublin City Council's Smart City Programme, explains how busses like it could be used in the future: 'Maybe in airports from the plane to the terminal or in campus type environments. Also we'd like it see it used for that last mile of your journey, for example from the train station to your front door'.

There needs to be a change in Irish law before driverless vehicles are allows on the roads, but Civic, the company that facilitated this weekend's event says these vehicles could become the norm in five years time.