They're down 0.9%

There's been a slight decrease in Ireland's Greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency they were 0.9 per cent in 2017, when compared with the previous year.

Emissions decreased in the power generation sector 6.9% over the course of the year.

Similarly, Transport emissions were also down by 2.4%.

However, emissions from the Agricultial sector rose by 2.9%. The rising numbers of dairy cow numbers are being put down as the most significant driving factor in this. They've risen by 26% in the last five years while greenhouse gas emissions from the sector increased by 10% over that time. 

Ireland is among the EU members states which have agreed annual targets to put us on the required pathway to meet EU 2020 targets.

The EPA is warning that Ireland is still off track to meet those 2020 targets.

Our emissions are currently nearly 3 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent over the pathway required to meet them.