However debt burden is still the highest in the OECD

The Irish economy is still growing rapidly and looks set to continue at a rapid pace.

However the latest pre-budget advice from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council says the Government should stick to it's existing plans for the budget, and fund any extra spending through tax increases.

Brexit still lies ahead, and while efforts to stabilise the public finances have been successful - our debt burden is still among the highest in the OECD.

So the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council is recommending the Government stick to its budget-day package of €0.8 billion.

It says the cost of previously announced sharp increases in public investment - means scope for new spending is limited, and any extras should be funded by tax increases.

The council says the risks of overheating means any unexpected increase in revenue should be used to build buffers - either through additional contributions to the Rainy Day Fund or faster debt reduction.