Women here rank 7th in a global table of alcohol consumption

Irish women are having an average of three alcoholic drinks a day.

A new global study shows females here are now seventh in the world for the amount of alcohol they drink on a daily basis.

Irish women now rank higher then men in a global league table of alcohol consumption.

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Washington women here come seventh in the world for the amount they drink every day.

Irish men have around four and half drinks a day - but don't make it into the top ten male consumers.

According to the study, Ukrainian women and Romanian men are the biggest drinkers in the world

The report which is published in the Lancet Medical Journal warns that women may think that having one glass of wine isn't harmful - but they're actually pouring themselves three measures.

The study says just one drink a day can slightly increase the chances of contracting 23 alcohol-related health problems.