Housing charity Threshold says it is aware that some landlords are issuing fake cleaning invoices to tenants when they're moving out.

Some landlords are doing this in a bid to reduce the amount of the deposit they're required to return to the person who was renting the property.

They're also charging for cleaning even though it may not be necessary.

Threshold says tenants should be provided with proper receipts for any costs that are incurred by the property's owner.

Stephen Large is the Regional Services Manager of Dublin with Threshold.

He says bogus invoices are a serious issue for renters.

"Unfortunately what we see is that the illegal retention of deposits continues to be a serious issue for tenants that are privately renting, and in some cases it can put them at risk of homelessness".

"We're hearing more about tenancies being ended or rents being increased. But as people are experiencing difficulties in finding accommodation and needing a deposit to secure that accommodation, more and more people are coming to us in relation to having difficulties getting back their deposit".

If you are looking for advice on a situation like this, you can contact Threshold for guidance: