Officials have been updating an Oireachtas committee

There are 10 other active legal cases similar to Vicky Phelan's on the records of the State Claims Agency.

An Oireachtas Committee is questioning HSE and Department of Health officials over the Cervical Check scandal.

HSE boss Tony O'Brien has suggested he won't step down but will see out his term until the summer as planned.

He said: "Given that I started my own career in the public service, in Breast Check, the recent events are indeed a personal blow to me.

"I do not have many more weeks, indeed only a few months, in my role - and consequently I intend to devote the greater part of those weeks to addressing those issues".

Tracey Conroy from the Department of Health told the committee there are a number of cases similar to Vicky Phelan's before the courts.

"Legal proceedings have commenced in six cases involving Cervical Check and the audit process", she said.

"In the case of three of these six cases, indemnities have been received from the laboratories involved.

"They have received solicitor's correspondence in relation to a further four cases, and they're also aware of one further case which they estimate is likely to give rise to a claim".