It'll be held the same day as the Presidential election

The Dail's passed legislation to allow for a referendum on removing the reference to blasphemy from the Constitution.

The bill will go to the Seanad, after it was unopposed in the Dail this evening.

The vote is set to be held on the same day as the Presidential election on October 26th.

Minister Charlie Flanagan says the blasphemy laws are out of date.

"I believe it's timely that we infirm our belief in a more inclusive society where communication between those with different belief systems can take place on an equal basis with tolerance and respect as guiding principle.

"I acknowledge that the removal of the offence from our Constitution is, on the face of it, a relatively small thing.

"Nonetheless I think it's deeply symbolic in a very tangible way (and) would confirm our status as a modern democratic society".