The British PM has insisted that the EU "will need to evolve its position"

The Taoiseach's due to meet with the British Prime Minister Theresa May this morning in Austria.

The leaders are attending an informal EU summit, where Brexit is one of the key topics of discussion.

Leo Varadkar's meeting with the Mrs May is happening this morning on the sidelines of the gathering in Salzburg.

It comes as the UK and the EU continue to put forward different views about how the key Brexit issues can be resolved.

Theresa May has been telling her EU counterparts that her 'Chequers plan' is the only way to avoid a hard border in Ireland, and she's urged the EU to compromise.

She said: "If we're going to achieve a successful conclusion, then just as the UK has evolved its position the EU will need to evolve its position too.

"I'm confident that with goodwill and determination we can agree a deal that's right for both parties."

Mrs May used a dinner in Austria last night to say there would be no second referendum and no delay to the withdrawal date in March.

Some of her European counterparts, however, say there's been no more progress on the Irish border issue.

Meanwhile, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk says the UK's Brexit proposals on the Irish border will have to be reworked.

He says he will call for another summit in mid-November where he's hopeful a final deal can be agreed.