But Unions says it's not enough

Ireland's living wage has increased by 20 cent - meaning workers should be paid at least €11.90 an hour to have a reasonable standard of living

It compares to the National Minimum Wage of €9.55.

The change has been made largely due to the ongoing housing crisis.

Berndatte McMahon from The Living Wage Technical Group says they had to factor in not just living costs but also the cost to employers: 'We try and reflect figures which actually reflect the cost of living and because we have employers in mind as well we always go for the minimum increase'.

However Mandate Trade Union says the increase in the Living Wage isn't enough. 

The Living Wage has increased by just 4 percent since it was introduced in 2014, while the cost of rent has gone up by 37%.

National Coordinator of Mandate Brian Forbes says even people earning the Living Wage are struggling 'Someone who is on the Living Wage who is actually working 39 hours can't afford to pay rent. For a lot of people it's between paying rent and going to the doctor or dentist. That's the Ireland we're living in today and it's scandalous.'

Brian Forbes say that the minimum wage should be scrapped and people should be paid the Living Wage at least.