It appears to have been a translation mishap for the French president...

It appears to have been very much a case of 'lost in translation' for the French president during his visit to Australia this week.

During a joint news conference with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in Sydney, Emmanuel Macron turned to thank Mr Turnbull and his wife Lucy.

He said: "I wanted to thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome - it was the perfect organisation of this trip... thank you very much Mr Prime Minister."

'Delicious' is certainly an unusual compliment... although some speculated it may simply have been a mistaken translation of the French word délicieux - which can mean 'delicious' in terms of food, but also 'delightful' more generally.

It is, however, a rare English-language faux pas for Mr Macron - who frequently delivers remarks and speeches in his second language.