Desmond Duffy claims he was acting in self-defence

The prosecuting barrister in the trial of a Dublin man accused of murdering his partner has accused him of seeking sympathy from the jury.

Desmond Duffy admits strangling Desmond O’Sullivan to death at their home in Somerville in Rathmines in 2016, but claims he was acting in self-defence.


Throughout this trial, the jury has heard evidence of Desmond Duffy being physically and verbally abused by Desmond O’Sullivan.

They were together for over 30 years, and on the evening of May 23rd 2016, prosecuting barrister Conor Devally claims he just had enough.

Mr. Duffy told the court yesterday that Mr. O’Sullivan was effing and blinding and punching him across the head after spending the day drinking together.

He claims he was just trying to put distance between them when he put his hand across his neck and pushed him up against a wall.

He insists he didn't mean to harm him.

In his closing address today, Mr. Devally accused him of dressing up the threat posed by his partner and said the evidence doesn’t sustain his claim of self-defence.

His defence barrister Caroline Biggs described him as a 67yo gentleman who never once raised a finger before this and asked the jurors to acquit.