Two men and a woman have been found guilty of murdering Gareth Hutch.

The nephew of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch was shot dead as he got into his car outside his apartment complex in Dublin’s north inner city in May 2016.

A protected witness called Mary McDonnell was a neighbour of Gary Hutch’s and she gave evidence of Jonathan Keogh of Gloucester Place, Dublin 1 and another man using her flat to stakeout their target.

Due to the fact she was given immunity in exchange for her testimony, the judges approached her evidence with caution but concluded that a huge weight of evidence corroborated her version of events.

Mr. J Tony Hunt said the court was satisfied Mr. Keogh fired the shots in a “cold-blooded manner” and had a hand in almost every aspect of planning.

His co-accused Thomas Fox of Rutland Court, Dublin 1 was also convicted of murder for the assistance and support he gave the gunmen.

Jonathan Keogh’s sister Regina has also been convicted of Gareth Hutch’s murder. She was found to have colluded with him in the overall scheme, and the court was satisfied that she was instrumental in securing a flat which was used to stakeout Mr. Hutch.