Anthony Burnett and Joseph Redmond were shot dead in March 2012

A man has been jailed for life for what was described as the “callous and brutal execution" of two young men in Co Louth.

Anthony Burnett and Joseph Redmond were shot dead as they sat in a stolen car just outside Dundalk in March 2012.

The court heard their bodies were burnt afterwards.

Jason O’Driscoll from Richmond Avenue in Dublin was convicted of the double-murder in August following a lengthy trial.

Before being led away, the 36-year-old screamed: “I’m innocent your honour, the jury got it wrong”.

Speaking outside court afterwards, retired Detective Inspector Patrick Marry said he hoped today’s result is of some comfort to the victims’ families.

He said: "The families are very upset obviously, and the victim impact reports reflect that.

"They are satisfied, and I'm hoping that maybe today they can get some solace and move on with their lives."