Michael Ferris stood trial for murder but was found guilty of manslaughter

A 63-year-old farmer is due to be sentenced today for killing his neighbour in a dispute over a device used to scare crows off his land.

Michael Ferris of Rattoo, Ballyduff in Kerry stood trial for murder but was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Michael Ferris told Gardaí he just snapped when he saw Anthony O’Mahony on the morning of April 4th 2017.

He met him on a small country road while driving his teleporter. Mr O’Mahoney was in his car and couldn't pass.

The trial heard Ferris then rammed into him, causing him horrific and fatal injuries with the prongs of his forklift-like farm vehicle.

The two men lived beside each other in Ballyduff in Kerry. Both were farmers and for over 30 years - Mr O’Mahoney used a crow banger to scare off birds.

Witnesses said it sounded like a gunshot going off every four and a half minutes.

Another neighbour said it scared her but it was Anthony’s way or no way. The same person described Ferris as “gentle and soft”.

Mr O’Mahoney’s family said the reason behind his death “beggared belief”.