He pleaded guilty

A Dublin man will be sentenced next month for sexually exploiting a teenage girl online.

The court heard he asked his victim to be a friend on Facebook before engaging with her over Skype.

Stephanie Grogan reports from the Central Criminal Court.

The court heard the accused and the victim were 19 and 13 when they first met in person in Dublin in 2011.

He then asked her to be a friend on Facebook before they began communicating via Skype and texting.

The accused asked the teenage girl to perform or watch certain sexual acts via Skype on different dates over five months.

They also met up once in Dublin where he sexually abused her.

The Gardai were notified when the victim’s mother found concerning messages on her laptop.

The victim told the court she was 13 when she met the accused and had low self- esteem – saying he used her vulnerability to take advantage and manipulate her.

The accused pleaded guilty and the court heard he has no previous convictions and has never come to the attention of the gardai before or since

The now 25 year old wrote a letter of apology saying he was sorry and recognises what he did was wrong.

He was remanded in custody and will sentenced next month.