A loaded black handgun and silencer were found inside a bag thrown out a van window

A man arrested by gardaí investigating gangland activity in Dublin will be sentenced next week for possession of a gun in suspicious circumstances.

Andrew O’Keefe from Drumcliffe Road, Cabra in Dublin was arrested following a confrontation with armed gardaí during which shots were fired.

On September 6th last, armed gardaí were dispatched to the Ballyfermot area on foot of information that a van was in the area with criminal intent.

They found the van and gave chase.

Andrew O’Keefe threw a plastic bag from the passenger side window before it crashed into some bollards.

He and the driver then made a run for a jeep that was parked nearby.

Mr O’Keefe was arrested before he got there, and the jeep then drove at gardaí while he was on the ground.

Shots were fired when the driver failed to stop.

A loaded black handgun and silencer were found inside the bag Mr O’Keefe threw out the window, and he pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm under suspicious circumstances.

The court heard he was in the throes of a long-standing cocaine addiction at the time and was asked to bring the weapon from A to B for a certain sum.

The 29-year-old father-of-two has been in and out of prison for a large portion of his adult life.

He will be sentenced for this offence next Tuesday.