He can’t be identified to protect his children

A man will be sentenced next week for trying to kill his four young children.

He attempted to strangle them after his marriage broke down.

The man – who can’t be identified to protect his children – pleaded guilty to four counts of attempted murder.

The court heard his relationship with his wife broke down and he was at home minding their four young children as she had gone out.

He told gardaí he was upset about the relationship and was texting her before he decided to kill his four children because he believed it would make them happier.

He went into two of the children’s bedrooms and put each of his hands on their necks

He said they were looking at him as if to say ‘what are you doing daddy’ and left believing they were dead.

He then moved onto his two elder children – who shouted ‘we can get you help’ before he lost his energy and left.

He told gardaí he had planned on taking his own life but instead alerted his father to what he had done.

The children’s mother told the court she will never forget receiving a horrible voicemail from her eldest child screaming and a Snapchat of one of her other children on the bed.

The court heard the accused has a history of depression and had reduced his medication in the weeks leading up to these events.

The accused will be sentenced next week.