Former Garda Press Officer disputes text content

Maurice McCabe has appealed to anyone who got negative texts about him from a senior Garda to come forward.

The appeal came at the Disclosures Tribunal, after a counsel for the former head of the Garda Press Office denied that texts he sent related to a sexual abuse allegation against Sgt McCabe, or that they were composed by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.

Tara Burns, counsel for Dave Taylor, put it to Maurice McCabe that her client disputes that texts he sent about the Sergeant related to an allegation of abuse.

Her client contended they were about media reports.

Maurice McCabe said it was his word against Superintendent Taylor’s.

Tara Burns also said that Superintendent Taylor denies saying that the messages were composed by Martin Callinan.

However, Mc Cabe said Supt Taylor "1,000 per cent" said that Commissioner Callinan compiled the texts.

Asked by Tribunal Chairperson Peter Charleton if he would like people who got texts from Dave Taylor about Maurice McCabe to come forward, he said he would, as it would be more evidence of a smear campaign.

Earlier counsel for Fianna Fáíl TD John McGuinness said he would tell the Tribunal that Martin Callinan told him that Maurice McCabe abused his children and his nieces.

Maurice McCabe also received an apology from counsel for the HSE regarding a mistake in a file, which he accepted on behalf of himself and his family.