Users will be able to access a seven-day localised forecast for their own area

You can now access the weather forecast exactly where you are.

Met Éireann has launched a new website and weather app which will give a seven-day localised forecast for your area.

It comes as Ireland prepares for a warm and mild weekend after one of the toughest winters in years.

New Met Éireann website. Screenshot:

Evelyn Cusack of Met Éireann explains why Irish people are so obsessed with the weather.

She observed: "Our weather is so variable. So okay it's beautiful and sunny today, and you can feel the heat in it... but a few days ago it was only five or six degrees Celsius.

"Because of Ireland's location - Ireland's latitude at 50 degrees north - we're in the clash of the two air masses, from polar air and tropical air. It really is variable on a day-to-day basis."